About Us

JumJums are a quality, affordable Modern Cloth Nappy that will keep you and your little one happy! Browse over 70 cute and fun patterns for boys and girls. Purchase individually or save money with our affordable packs.

-        Jum Jums are a one size fits most adjustable nappy that is designed to fit from newborn through to toilet training (approximately 3kg to 16kg). Jum Jums  are so quick and easy to use, comfortable for your baby and simple to wash - even the Dad’s will be happy to use them!

JumJums pocket style nappies have a waterproof outer layer sewn together with a soft inner fleece layer that wicks moisture straight through to the super absorbent inserts. The inserts soak up the wetness to keep your baby as dry as possible.

To correctly fit the nappy to your child simply adjust the snaps along the front of the nappy and along the waistband to fit your child snugly and comfortably. Place the insert inside the pocket and you’re ready to go!
And don’t worry cloth nappies have come a long way, there’s NO FOLDING, PINS OR SOAKING needed! Simply dispose of any liner rinse the nappy if needed and then put the dirty nappies in a dry bucket until washing day (no need to soak!). When you go to wash your nappies simply take out the absorbent insert and wash together with the cover in cold water with a gentle detergent such as Earth Choice (the less additives to clog up the nappy the better). To help maintain maximum absorbency only use the recommended dose of detergent and no fabric conditioners.

Dry your JumJums in the sun as it will naturally bleach your nappies and keep them looking brand new. If needed in wet weather, the inserts (ONLY) can be dried in the dryer on a LOW heat. The outer shells will dry quickly on any air dryer/hanger.