Care Instructions

How to Use:

The adjustable snaps are designed to make fitting the nappy to your baby an easy and quick process. Simply use the front 3 rows of  3 snaps to adjust the nappy to a size that will be a snug, yet comfortable fit on your bub, with no gaps around the aleg areas. Once you have done this, place the inserts of your choice into the pocket – for increased absorbency, you can double the inserts within the pocket. If you’re using disposable liners, place one on top of the nappy so that it will be between bub and the nappy. Lastly, fasten snaps along the sides for a comfortable fit.

When it comes time to change the nappy, unsnap the top two rows (around bub’s tummy), remove the nappy and dispose of the bamboo liner by placing it in the bin or flushing it down the toilet). For wet nappies, you can rinse them or place them directly in a dry pail (preferably one that has a lot of aeration and is stored in a cool, dry spot). For soiled nappies, rinse and wring them before dry pailing them. There is no soaking required. Then, fit bub with another nappy!

To Prepare your New Nappies:

There are a couple of ways that you can prepare your new Jum Jums, with the best method being to wash them on a cold cycle 3-4 times, allowing them to dry in the sun in between. Another way, is soaking the inserts for 24 hours in cold water before wringing them and placing them in a wash with the outer shells for one cycle (Note: On some occasions, this may result in some leaks for the first few times that you use the nappies as they may require a couple more washes to build absorbency). There is only need to add detergent to ONE of the washes as the primary reason for this preparation is increasing absorbency! Your nappies will then be ready for anything bub throws at them!

Daily Wash Routine:

When you go to wash your nappies, here at JumJums we recommend a short cold or warm pre wash with half the recommended dose of a gentle eco-friendly detergent followed by a longer thorough wash cycle with the recommended amount (this cycle can include extras such as clothing to save on water)! We don't recommend the use of any bleach or softeners as these may damage your nappies or clog them up (reducing absorbency).

We recommend drying your Jum Jums in the sun where possible as it works magic on any stains! If the weather isn't sunny though, you can use a dryer to dry the inserts on a low heat and hang the shells on an inside line (placing them in the dryer may damage their water proof outer layer).

Strip Wash:

If your nappies are starting to smell when your baby does a wee or are only lasting a short time before leaking, it may be time to do a strip wash of the inserts. Strip washing can be done in a few different ways but the idea is to clean out any built up detergents or nappy rash creams, etc., to restore the absorbency and remove any lingering smells.

Wash your nappies prior to undertaking a strip wash so that you are ‘stripping’ clean inserts. Start by doing a hot wash (no more than 40degrees) with 1/2 cup of bicarb soda. Add 1/4 cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle. We recommend 1-2 extra rinse cycles to ensure that any left over residue is gone from your nappies.

After strip washing always hang nappies on the line to dry.

Some notes to remember:

  • Strip washes should not be undertaken on a regular basis but rather as needed, usually about once every 6-8 months. Undertaking this technique too often will be detrimental to your nappies and the outer laminate.
  • Strip washing should only be done when nappies start to smell or stop being as absorbent! A good wash routine will limit the chances of this happening.
  • Using liquid dishwashing detergent in wash can help strip wash but you must continue to use the rinse mode until there are no bubbles left.
  • Dry in the sun as much as possible.