Why Choose JumJums

The number one reason the parents choose modern cloth nappies over disposables is COST! Just consider the following if you choose to use disposable nappies:

  • Your newborn bub will have an average of 6500 nappy changes from birth to toilet training which can cost around $3250, depending which brand disposable nappies you choose.
  • From 6 months onwards, bub still has about 5000 changes left which can cost around $2500.
  • From 12 months onwards, it’s around 3800 left - about $1900.
  • From 18 months onwards, it’s around 2500 to go - about $1250.
  • And from 24 months onwards, it’s around 1200 which is still a cost to you of around $600!

And remember this cost will multiply for each child you have. So for an average family of 3 children you could be looking at spending around $10,000 on disposable nappies alone.

Not to mention the environmental cost of sending all of those nappies to land fill. One disposable nappy takes an estimated 400 years to degrade.

So think about your pocket and the environment when you make your decision, it’s a pretty simple one!